FARNHAM Hospital’s GP-run vaccination service has now offered a December appointment to all adults who had their second vaccination before September 24.

This meets the new-shortened three month interval between vaccinations.

Any residents of Farnham and surrounding area who have not yet had an opportunity to rebook, are asked to let their practice know or follow their original GP Practice invitation link to book.

Local invites come via the ’Accubook’ service. The National Booking Service invitation from ’NHSVaccine’ does not offer appointments in Farnham.

As previously reported, Farnham’s Community Vaccine Service bounced into action after Boris’ bombshell on Sunday and has quickly developed plans to deliver up to 14,000 jabs before Christmas at Farnham Hospital.

The service - already one of the top performers in the country - is to operate 12 hours a day, seven days a week, to meet the ambitious target of giving third ’booster’ Covid jabs to everyone aged 18 and over in the town and surrounding area by Christmas Eve.

This will see the Farnham service dishing out 1,100 jabs every day, smashing the government’s own target to give boosters to all adults by the end of the month.

It coincides with the first anniversary of the Farnham Covid jab roll-out getting under way on December 18 last year. Over the past 12 months, the Farnham service has administered 80,000 Pfizer and Astra Zeneca vaccines to some 31,000 people.

All those eligible to receive a booster in the Farnham area will be receiving invites either by text (via the ’Accubook’ system) or phone - including those previously booked in for jabs in January.

People can still book jabs via the National Booking System if preferred, but not in Farnham.