THE HERALD was delighted to personally thank a small portion of those who have contributed to the town’s Covid-19 vaccination efforts over the past 12 months in the days before Christmas.

Farnham’s community vaccine service has consistently exceeded national targets since launching on December 19, 2020 - to the extent it has on several occasions had to ’pause’ to allow other areas to catch up.

These efforts have been supported throughout by a dedicated band of retired health practitioners and volunteer marshals - many of whom responded to the Herald’s call for helpers in 2020.

Daniel Gee, the Herald’s head of content, said: "It has been a real privilege to report weekly on Farnham’s Covid vaccine roll-out over the past year and it really has been a huge community effort.

"Everyone has rallied around the local service, and many of the 500 or so volunteers who responded to the Herald’s call to arms last year are still supporting the service today.

"When Boris announced all adults should be given boosters before the end of December, the Farnham service didn’t bat an eye-lid and overnight switched to a seven-day, 12-hours-a-day service.

"Once again they smashed the prime minister’s target - delivering around 1,100 jabs a day to give everyone in the town area who wanted one a booster by Christmas Eve.

"It was only a very small gesture, but with the help of our friends at Hoxton Bakehouse and Waitrose, we were delighted to say ’thank you’ in the form of coffees and a hamper of festive goodies in the days before Christmas."