The Fernhurst Hub was buzzing on Saturday June 24 as people queued up in the sunshine for the Hub’s second Antiques Valuation Day.

More than 30 people came along to the Hub with their treasures to see if they were worth a fortune.

John Nicholson from Nicholson’s Auctioneers was joined by David Ford, known for more than 400 appearances on Dickinson’s Real Deal and Secret Dealers.   

Both gentlemen gave expert valuations and detailed information on the history of all the items. 

The items included pictures, ceremonial daggers, paintings, jewellery and a 1897 Jubilee newspaper.   

But the one thing that lit up the eyes of both men was a wonderful collection of Galle glass vases.   

While they were given a high value, these were treasured family heirlooms and the owners said they wouldn’t be going under the hammer anytime soon. 

John Nicholson said: "Sadly, antiques used to be considered investments, but now they don’t sell for very much.   Although we haven’t been able to give most people the news on the valuations of their items that they would like to hear, it’s been lovely talking to the charming people of Fernhurst and we’ve had a great morning. 

"We are always happy to support the Hub and look forward to coming back next year."