Theatre company Out Of Chaos is bringing an unusual experience to Farnham this month in There’s Something Going On Here.

And rather than happening in a theatre, it’s happening all over town – even in participants’ homes.

The premise is that a time portal has opened in Farnham and people from the town’s past have wandered into the present.

The little-known Department for Continuity,, exists to monitor and contain such time spills but because of budget cuts most of its agents have been axed. Therefore the Department must enlist local people by phone to form a kind of neighbourhood watch, spot time travellers, help them solve any problems they might be facing, then help them get back safely to their era of origin.

The Department has put up public information posters around the town.

The show is live in Farnham until November 27 and it is free to join in.

Taking part involves receiving telephone calls and secret messages, witnessing a few public space happenings, and if possible attending a finale at midday on November 27 that brings everyone together and includes a free lunch.

People can join in as much or as little as they want. To take part email [email protected]

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