Ukraine generator appeal organiser Tony Souter sprang into action after meeting Ukrainian people who are being hosted in Alton.

Tony, from Alton, said: “People have been very generous and have donated warm clothing and other equipment to help those in Ukraine, but generators are now desperately needed.

“Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said generators are as good as armour for them at the moment.

“I have some contacts in Ukraine and they will be receiving the generators we buy and will distribute them to the people who need them most. They are desperate for generators.

“The people from Ukraine I have met have been fabulous. They have achieved so much since they have been here and have started working here.

“They are very resilient and brave, amazing people considering what they are going through.

“They are in a country with a different language, a different culture and different way of life, and the communities here have really embraced them.

“The youngsters have been enrolled into local schools and colleges and many of the adults are taking English lessons.

“I really hope local people will get involved in our campaign. Anything – and I mean anything – they can spare will be welcome.

“Almost all the donations we have received so far have come from private individuals.

“There is such a demand for the charity pound that many companies have already budgeted for their charity giving throughout the year.

“We have also had contributions from the USA and Australia and someone from Singapore has been in touch and wants to contribute.

“We are almost at the stage when we can put in orders for generators – we are working with a company in the Midlands which makes high-end, quality ones and then we will get them shipped out as soon as we can, and then start working on the next batch.

“We will originally be sending 2.7kw generators which are a domestic type and suitable for orphanages and schools, and if we have enough money we will send more powerful 4kw ones.

“They will be shipped using a Ukrainian non-government organisation here and picked up in Ukraine and taken to where they are needed the most.”

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