AN ELECTRICITY transformer the size of a house was successfully delivered to a National Grid substation at Crondall on Sunday, July 5.

The 178 ton, 8.67-metre long and 4.75-metre high transformer left the port of Southampton early in the morning and travelled 45 miles before arriving at the substation.

The transformer was delivered by specialist haulage transport team Mammoet, travelling around 12 miles per hour.

National Grid, its delivery partner, and local highways authorities spent months carefully planning the route and said the transformer was delivered with "minimal traffic disruption and public inconvenience".

National Grid project engineer, Chinedu Orji, said: “We are responsible for supplying millions of homes with electricity every day so it’s important that we keep out substations working efficiently.

"The delivery of this transformer ensures we can continue to deliver reliable power to the area.”

The project team is now focussing on the final push to complete the works to the area’s electricity network, including to overhead power cables on the A31 at Froyle, by November.