Ben Bloor, of Brompton Oratory in London, will give the next Alton Organ Society concert at the Church of St Lawrence on December 1 at 8pm.

It will bring a new dimension to organ music, including Ben’s own transcription of Francis Poulenc’s Les Biches. His programme also includes works by Germani, Franck, Bruhns, Bridge, Germaine Tailleferre and Iain Farrington.

For full details of Ben’s programme and the organ society in general visit

On November 1 David Davies of Buckfast Abbey gave a most exhilarating concert. His programme was well thought through and everyone thoroughly enjoyed his whole performance.

He opened with the majestic Fanfare and Gothic March by Guy Weitz and said his second piece – Fantasia Chorale by Percy Whitlock – was little performed and deserved more exposure.

American composer Leo Sowerby’s Carillon was something to be savoured, while Joseph Jongen’s complex Sonata Eroïca tested the full range of the organ’s 2,722 pipes. Watching David’s pedal work on the screen made one wonder how many steps he achieved playing those multi-semiquavers.

Siciliano for a Ceremony by Herbert Howells was probably little known but liked by the audience. David brought his official programme to an end with a thrilling performance of Charles-Marie Widor’s Final from his 6th Symphony.

He then gave an encore, Mohrentanz, by 16th-century composer Tylman Susato. He remarked that this renaissance piece lent itself to organ improvisation and launched into an exciting delivery. Without a score he progressively changed the registrations, frequently demonstrating the different sounds of the organ.

David spoke eloquently about every tune before playing it. This added to the quality of the concert and the educational value of David’s wonderful programme of organ music.

Tony Willman