WHITEHILL & Bordon’s Jubilee celebrations will be a little louder in June, now that Whitehill Town Council has appointed Stuart Morrison as Jubilee town crier.

Stuart is known locally as Mr M for his music nights, as well as being a business owner in the town.

He said: “What an absolute honour to bring some fun and good cheer to the town’s Jubilee celebrations. I apologise to my neighbours in advance for any practice announcements I put in to enable me to carry out my duties.”

The town crier position was last held in the 1980s. Outgoing town mayor Cllr Bisi Kennard said: “Stuart is bound to bring enthusiasm, energy and volume to the role and we all wish him the best in carrying out his civic duties. It’s a chance to be part of history.”

Stuart was given the town crier role on a temporary voluntary basis so Whitehill & Bordon could have someone in place in time for the Jubilee.

He has given presentations on the idea of reviving the role permanently, with the job going to the best candidate in competitive auditions, at the last two meetings of the council’s executive committee.

He said: “It has a net zero cost to the council and any positive balance will go to the mayor’s charity. I’ve got my feelers out for a costume and I’ve got a few ideas. The biggest problem is getting enough suitable entries.”

Council leader Cllr Andy Tree said: “What the Jubilee town crier does could be part of the recruitment process.”

Stuart said: “Any excuse to get in a big frock coat and start shouting. The queue starts behind me!”

Cllr Tree said his “gut instinct” for town crier bookings would be to consider what would be appropriate for the town mayor to do.

Details of the permanent role – how much the town crier would cost, what expenses they could claim and a tailor-made costume – will be considered at the next executive committee meeting on June 9.

Town clerk Lorraine Jeffs wants local tailors and dressmakers to help create a unique costume that celebrates the town’s heritage but also looks towards the future. She said: “If anyone would like to help create a piece of local history we’d be very interested in talking to you to discuss our ideas.”

To find out more about town crier appearances or help with the costume email info@whitehill towncouncil.gov.uk