THE NUMBER of crimes reported in Petersfield in June fell by nearly half on the month before.

The latest figures from show a drop from 102 incidents in May to just 55 the following month.

The most “crime-ridden” part of town was Rams Walk and the central car park with shoplifting accounting for all five offences.

Second on the list was the A272 Winchester Road services and Love Lane recreation ground with shoplifting and anti-social behaviour being reported at the respective sites. 

Violence or sexual offences were again the most commonly reported (15) offences in town with shoplifting (9) and public order (8) next on the list.

The Liss patch was busier with 17 of the 49 crimes reported taking place around Mead Hawks and Linden Drive. Violent or sexual offences accounted for 24 of all the crimes committed on the patch, with six reports apiece of vehicle crime and anti-social behaviour.

Just nine crimes were reported in the Rogate, Stedham and Harting partch with a further 61 taking place in the Butser Division.