People looking to change destructive habits in their lives are being invited to try a course called Fresh Start.

It aims to help them deal with all kinds of life-controlling habits, including smoking, gambling, drinking, over-eating, internet addiction, shopping compulsions and drugs - or any habit which once might have brought them comfort or fun, but is now spoiling their daily living.   Fresh Start is a free and confidential nine-week course run by the Harvest Church in Alton. It is based on principles from the 12 steps of recovery process, backed by one-to-one coaching and a support group of others wanting to tackle their habits. For details visit   The next course, led by Trevor and Ann, starts with an introduction session at the Alton Maltings Centre on April 30 from 10.30am to midday.   To register call Mark Rumsby on 07769 030913 or email [email protected]