It was just a mention at a social event that a choir formed of Ukrainian ladies currently living in the Petersfield area said they were looking for a venue to hold a concert.  

Christina Chard, who is hosting a Ukrainian family, explained the choir needed a venue and asked if Langrish church could help. 

Sue Ricketts of the Langrish PCC committee was there at the time, and was subsequently given the go-ahead.

The families being hosted around Petersfield came together to form a ladies’ choir. These resilient brave women wanted to raise money for armoured medical vehicles to support the efforts in their home country. 

Once the PCC approved the request and the choir had visited the church, it was full speed ahead. 

The PCC agreed there would be no charge for this event and a date was confirmed.

It was advertised locally and many Langrish residents helped with parking, organising access and refreshments were provided. 

The choir sang songs from their home country and were dressed in their national costume. 

When they sang the Ukrainian national anthem, it moved the spectators to tears. 

More than 80 people attended and were very generous. The concert raised over £1,000 towards their target.

The choir hope to visit other venues to increase their funding.

Julie Blackwell