On the week beginning  February 13, I received a number of emails from the leader of East Hampshire District Council, Councillor Richard Millard, with more excuses for bins not being collected, telling me what a wonderful job he is doing sorting out the ongoing problem in the district and promising it will all be fixed and back to normal by Saturday, February 18.

To help achieve this he has enlisted, no doubt at some obscene cost, the services of an ‘expert’ in this field.  

Was she recruited at one of his breakfast parties?

Well, here we are – Monday, February 20.  

My garden waste bin is sitting by the side of the road where it has been since February 2, awaiting collection on February 3 and February 17.

In fact, it has not been collected this year despite receiving an email ‘rewarding’ my loyalty last year with an extra one month on my licence – ie an expiry date of February 1, 2024.

If EHDC staff require an ‘expert’ to help them sort out this problem, then this must signify they are so incompetent they should be sacked and the councillors who are responsible should do the honourable thing and resign.

Bin collection is the most basic essential service a council provides. A necessity for the health and safety of residents.  

EHDC and Norse have failed the residents of East Hampshire for too long.

John Gordon

Ennerdale Close, Horndean