I know the paper likes to keep the debate about climate change going by publishing letters from the ever smaller group of individuals who don’t think the burning of fossil fuels is a cause. 

Also there is a steady stream of articles in the national press raising scare stories about electric cars, presumably encouraged by the massive profits of the oil companies who wish to prolong the sale of petrol and diesel for as long as possible. 

I was not surprised therefore to see the letter last week from John Littlewood urging the abandonment of the policy to stop further gas and oil exploration. 

He claims that when all “secure garage” owners have adopted electric vehicles (EV), there will be a large number without that facility who will keep their petrol cars on the road. 

You don’t need a secure garage to charge a car. We have had an EV for a year and although we have off-street parking, when we stay away from home we have never had a problem charging our car, at a public point, from an upstairs window or a cable over the pavement (suitably covered).

It is no more difficult running an EV than a petrol car – you just have to plan its refuelling in a different way.

The idea that we should put tons more CO2 into our polluted atmosphere to appease the fossil fuel companies and their apologists is thankfully past its sell-by date. 

John Beer 

Red Lion Lane, Farnham

The editor says: We don’t go out of our way to keep debates going, Mr Beer, as you suggest – we just enjoy giving readers a platform to voice their opinions, whatever those opinions may be.