This is my letter to JCB at Farnham:

I am a local resident in Frith End and two of our daughters live in Wrecclesham.

Both have children who attend schools there, including Weydon.

As you will know, last week yet another huge lorry crashed into Wrecclesham bridge, delivering JCBs to you.

One was pushed off the back, narrowly missing Weydon school children and anyone walking under the bridge.

That’s eight lorries so far this year – although I appreciate not all to do with you.

Yesterday on the way into Farnham there was an absolutely huge lorry coming up Wrecclesham hill carrying a big JCB on the back.

It could not have fitted under the bridge so must have travelled down Weydon Lane, past the houses and two schools. Please can you let me know why your lorries have to use this route?

Why can’t they drive along the big A31 bypass and come into your factory from the other end of the road?

Surely you can see it is not safe or appropriate for them to be driving through such a small village and under (or not, as in your case!) a low bridge next to a large school with hundreds of school children walking in the vicinity.

This current situation is clearly a sad accident waiting to happen. Please can you advise on your plans to hopefully re-route your lorries or, if not, why you think it is safe to continue this current route.

Thank you.

Toni French, Frith End