David Howell’s latest Bricks and Mortar article keeping us abreast of Farnham’s fast progress as a top destination for foodies last week was fascinating.

Accompanying the article was a fine photograph of the freshly-painted facade of the new Serina Wine Bar in The Borough, prompting him to ask: “What do you think of the colour?”

Thank you, David, I think it’s crass and clumsy, and completely inappropriate and insensitive to its setting. 

And it begs the question whether the ‘designer’ who chose the colour and how it might be applied, actually bothered to look at the surrounding buildings and take a cue from them.

Clearly not. The wilful solution does Farnham and The Borough no favours.

Let’s hope the Farnham Society and Waverley’s conservation officer manage to get this howler sorted.

By Mark Westcott