A little boy with a ‘warm smile’ is looking for a family to be his own forever in Hampshire.

Noah is three-and-a-half years old and would love to make cups of pretend tea for his future family, just like he does with his foster carer’s family.

Noah’s identity is protected by Adopt South and the agency wants to find him a family who will be supportive and understanding of his needs while giving him all the love he deserves.

Head of Adopt South Rachel Reynolds says: “Noah is such a very sweet little boy, who is so giving and a joy to anyone who knows him. He laughs when he’s shown something funny and is extremely affectionate, enjoying lots of cuddles with his foster carers. He loves to be with the family and is known for really enjoying social family events.”

Noah is described as having ‘wispy’ blond hair and ‘big’ blue eyes and enjoys playing with his wooden train set and toy cars while making engine sounds.

Noah playing with his toys.
(Adopt South)

He hums and moves like the animated characters on his favourite channel Cocomelon and gets stuck into puzzles and building towers and taking them down again.

The sand pit is his favourite outdoor activity at nursery and he is happy being active and gets on well with the other children.

Noah has been diagnosed with autism, and an application for an Education and Health Care Plan has been made, to ensure additional help in school.

Ms Reynolds added: “Noah will need the time and devotion of either a parent with extended family in the home, a couple, or a family with older children.”

Adopt South has produced a sensitive film featuring Noah and his identity has been obscured, but you can hear his voice.

You can view it and find more information at www.adoptsouth.org.uk/meetnoah