A LOTTERY winner from Alton retraced his steps to the shop where he bought his life-changing EuroMillions ticket to say a big thank you to the lottery kiosk team.

Retired aircraft engineer Michael Hunter, 62, scooped a £84,897.80 prize last November with a Lucky Dip ticket he bought at the lottery kiosk in Morrisons, Aldershot.

Heading back to the store with a big bunch of flowers and box of chocolates, he laughed that his adventure started at the local supermarket.

He said: “Few people will claim a trip to your local supermarket is going to be life-changing but for me, it really was!

“I had enjoyed lunch at the Morrisons café with a friend and popped to the lottery kiosk on my way out, buying a ticket for the EuroMillions draw.

“Like 99 per cent of the population, not for one second as I put the ticket in my wallet and joked with the kiosk team about it being a winning ticket did I actually think it would be, and now look!”

Before his win, Michael was keen to move from his two-bedroom flat to a house with a garden but every property he had looked at was always £30,000 more than he wanted to invest.

With £84,897.80 added to his property pot, Michael was hoping to move house very quickly after the win, he said.

“Without doubt the best part of the win has been the added security and freedom – just knowing I have that little nest egg sitting there has been a wonderful feeling.

“I’m still looking for the perfect new home but I remain optimistic and hope I will still be moving early this year.

“I’ve also booked a couple of holidays, one to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, something that was always on my bucket list, plus a trip to Egypt for a spot of sunshine.

“That’s the joy of the win, the freedom. While I was comfortable before, I still had to manage my monthly budget wisely. But now I can enjoy the little extras without having to keep an eye on the bank account quite so firmly.”