Two hundred people gathered in St Peter's churchyard to celebrate the Lynchmere Pageant.

This marked the fifth pageant held in the village and the first since 2020. Christopher and Sylvia Tibbs directed the programme, supported by a team of helpers, presenting 19 scenes portraying different aspects of the village's history.

The pageant showcased a wide range of historical events, starting from the Romans and Carausius's hoard of coins in 293 AD, all the way to present-day references, such as King Charles III's visit to Shulbrede in 2010. The Lynchmere community and parishioners brought these recollections to life through their performances.

The event celebrated Lynchmere's significant historical moments and the notable individuals who resided or travelled through the area. Some highlights included the establishment of the Norman Church in 1080, Queen Elizabeth I's visit, and poignant portrayals of experiences during the two World Wars, including stories of tragedy and loss within the village, as well as the arrival and accommodation of evacuees from East London.

The Haslemere Town Band made a magnificent contribution to the atmosphere, enhancing the event with the eloquent sounds of Hubert Parry's music. Parry himself had spent part of his life at Shulbrede Priory.

Children from Camelsdale School, as well as local guides and cubs, played significant roles in the proceedings, including a captivating maypole dance.

The Vicar, Nick Haigh, expressed gratitude to all the participants and the audience for their involvement in making the pageant a success.