SUGGESTIONS a 20-metre phone mast in Grayswood would be hidden from view are ’false’, says a resident whose house overlooks the site.

Commenting via Waverley Borough Council’s planning portal, Jason McCoy said information from Beacon Comms - on behalf of EE - suggesting that a "bank of mature trees measuring 17 metres in height" would "provide visual screening" are far from the truth.

Mr McCoy said: "Photographs from our bathroom window, our bedroom window, our living room window and our garden show how our home overlooks the site.

"There is no visual screening of the proposed site, and how significant this impact on our home’s amenities in its views, enjoyment and value."

He added: "This 20 metre ’reduced scheme’ is only 11 per cent shorter than the original proposal and as such does not address any of the concerns about the visual impact of the mast.

"If the mast needs to be so high in order to rise above the trees in order to work, either select an site where the trees are not so tall so a shorter mast will be effective.

"Or clear a site where there will not be significant biodiversity impact."

Other residents also criticised the proposed location, and a prediction it could improve mobile phone connectivity for rail commuters, rather than for Grayswood residents.

On behalf of EE, Beacon Comms said: "Poor mobile coverage on our railways has been a perennial issue.

"But the provision of good quality connectivity for passengers could bring about a range of benefits.

"This modern structure would contribute to the introduction of 5G technology within the area with the mast providing future infrastructure for such an upgrade."

A spokesperson for EE added: "We know how important it is for people to be connected, and we’re working hard to continue bringing communities and businesses in the Haslemere and Grayswood area the UK’s best mobile network.

"The proposed mast will provide 3G and 4G connectivity and improve railway coverage, and we’re working closely with the council to make sure the visual impact of the mast is minimal. No decision has been made on the proposal yet."

View and comment on the application at and search for reference TC/2021/02110.