Meet the candidates standing for the Meon Valley by-election for Hampshire County Council.

Former county councillor Hugh Lumby resigned after he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease.

Candidates from the Conservative Party, the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and the Labour Party are now standing for the election on May 2.

Winchester City Council will run the by-election in the division of Meon Valley.

After being invited to send in a profile ahead of the election, here is what the candidates have said:

Vivian Achwall (Lib Dem)

No response received

Neil Bolton (Conservative)

Following the retirement of the much-respected Cllr Hugh Lumby, it is my privilege to have been selected to stand for the Meon Valley Division in the upcoming by-election.

I live in Woodlands, with my wife and children, and after a 30-year career in business, I have, for the last two years, proudly represented the Upper Meon Valley Ward on Winchester City Council.

Many of the issues affecting my ward will be familiar across the wider Meon Valley. Speeding vehicles, flooding, potholes, the threat of bus route cancellation and local tip closures are all burning issues.

The average speed cameras on the A32 and the A272 have had an impact on the number of antisocial bikers in the areas, but speeding is still an issue, particularly in our villages. Residents want reductions in speed limits. I will continue to work with them to achieve this.

In West Meon, flooding has become a major issue and working with Parish Councillors and residents we are campaigning to improve drainage throughout the village. Local flooding across the Meon Valley needs to be properly addressed.

Inflation and adverse weather have played their part to make potholes a major problem. The £130m increase in funding over 10 years, from the Government, for potholes repairs, is having an impact but I want us to continue to invest more and ensure we are getting value for money.

I want to protect our already infrequent bus services and keep our local tips open as part of the County Services Review.

I know from Hugh, that contentious planning applications, such as waste, landfill and recycling applications in Shedfield, and the expansion of Silvertake, will need a strong voice to represent resident’s interests.

There are still many challenges ahead across our county, but I feel passionate about where we live and work and want to commit myself to making it a better place for all of us. I hope you will support me to do this on May 2.

Oliver Stephen Hirsch (Labour Party)

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Malcolm Wallace (Green Party)

As a current Winchester City councillor, I have worked hard to speak up for our area including successfully combatting over-development in our villages, protecting our local rivers and waterways and improving accessibility for our residents.

Through my career as an engineer and program manager, I have built up the skills and experience needed to get things done. I would be honoured to represent the Meon Valley at Hampshire County Council and dedicate my skills to working for our community, achieving even more for local residents.