ALTON Decorative & Fine Art Society has unveiled a mosaic at Rowledge Primary School.

The piece, which includes a contribution from every member of staff and child, has “brightened up the entrance and suitably reflects the school’s values”.

School administration officer Sarah Wells said they were “delighted” by the piece, provided by David Bowers from Mosaic Madness and paid for by the Alton-based art society.

John Harrap, one of art society’s business co-ordinators, said one of its key aims was to educate and to support young arts projects. The mosaic, he said, fit the bill perfectly.

It was officially unveiled last Friday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and the handing over of a cheque.

John Harrap and Niven Baird, from the Alton Decorative & Fine Arts Society, are pictured with children from Rowledge Primary Dchool and headteacher Sarah Oliver. Picture order no: AD43-08-15 (