HASLEMERE Museum has devised a lockdown project that everyone can get involved in now, but will also create a legacy for the future.

Working with artist Diana Burch, the museum is calling on supporters to help create a ‘community quilt’ that shows our resilience to these difficult times.

Kay Topping, museum education officer, said: “We are faced with many difficulties and changes. But we can be resilient and use our time at home to reflect on how we notice so much more when we have the space in our lives to do so.

Haslemere Museum will be making a patchwork of all the things that make our community glad during the pandemic. Very often, these are small things: a spring flower, a pattern you notice or the care of a loved one.

“All crafts are welcome, as long as it fits a 15cm square (with a bit of extra border if possible).

“We will post up your photos of your work, which we would ask you to look after in a safe place! When all this is over, we will gather all the squares together to make our own historical document for future generations.

“Everyone can take part. If you can’t sew, then glue!”

It follows the success of the museum’s community craft mosaic in 2016, when more than 500 people participated, and children’s work is also welcome.

Kay added: “It’s time to work together! Later, we can celebrate and look back together at how our community overcame this extraordinary event.”

Email any queries and photos to [email protected]