A Petersfield vet is warning dog owners to be vigilant on walks after two pets became seriously ill with suspected mushroom poisoning.

Three-year-old Spaniel crosses Marley and Epsi fell ill because they likely ate toxic earth ball mushrooms in the woodland area on Petersfield Heath close to the cricket ground.

Lisa Blackford from St Peter’s Vets is urging owners to keep a close eye on their pets and to keep them away from mushrooms and fungi as many are poisonous and can cause kidney and liver failure.

Marley was first to become unwell and his worried owner Sam Gowans rushed him to the practice in St Peter’s Road when he started vomiting, drooling and suffering from diarrhoea. 

His sister, Epsi, started showing similar signs three hours later. Vet Lisa said the symptoms were consistent with poisoning and Mrs Gowans found undigested mushrooms in the dogs’ vomit.

Lisa said: “Marley was very poorly and subdued when he came into the practice and he was shivering and drooling excessively.   

“While Marley was still with us, Mrs Gowans called to say Epsi had become unwell and she brought her into the practice.

“After treatment both dogs made a full recovery and were able to go home that evening. They are very lucky that their owner acted so swiftly.”

Lisa said that it’s important to call your vet practice for advice if you think your dog has eaten something they shouldn’t. 

Mrs Gowans said: “The signs were very severe and it was quite frightening. He was very wobbly and was drooling like someone had turned a tap on.

“Even though it was a Sunday afternoon, St Peter’s Vets could see us straight away and the team was wonderful. 

“We have been back to the Heath since the dogs were ill because it’s their favourite place to go. I was a bit nervous at first, but I’m now extra vigilant and keep an even closer eye on them.”