THE WORLD has been given another chance to hear the work of a much-missed Petersfield musician thanks to his family and gigging partner.

Daffydd Tavinor left a massive hole in the Petersfield music scene when he died following a brave and lengthy battle with leukaemia in 2018.

His performances with The Hanging Tree Band were joyous affairs while his Christmas Eve gigs at The Good Intent became a legendary tradition in the town.

But his voice is no longer consigned to the past as a musician who regularly performed with Daffydd at the College Street pub has released his solo material online.

Laura Mitchell achieved a long-lasting goal last week by uploading four of Daffydd’s solo albums on to iTunes and Spotify for fans past, present and future.

“I know his music touched so many of us, and I felt the world needed to be able to hear him sing again,” said Laura, who now lives in Brighton.

Daffydd Tribute Pic2
Sabi and Daffydd Tavinor with their daughter, Matilda. The talented folk singer-songwriter, who often performed with the Hanging Tree Band, died in 2018 following a long and brave battle with leukaemia. (Sabi Iwoma)

Laura always felt the world needed to hear his “amazing voice” but his death meant the supremely-talented musician never got the chance to get his solo material online.

That changed last week when Laura and her studio pals fulfilled Daffydd’s wish by releasing four of his albums on iTunes and Spotify. His acoustic folk was strongly influenced by Nick Drake, and should attract fans well beyond the Petersfield area.

One of the first fans to download Daffydd’s music on iTunes was his widow, Sabi. 

She and her daughter often listen to his CDs, as he released a few with the Hanging Tree Band, but they’re grateful at being able to listen to Daffydd’s dreamy vocals whenever and wherever they like.

Sabi said: “I’m really happy Laura wanted to do this and I wanted his music to be out there, but it’s emotional for us.

“If he was around he definitely would have put his music out there and would be happy about it, so it’s nice she’s done this.”

Their 11-year-old daughter Matilda said: “It makes me sad but also really happy that my dad’s music is on Spotify so other people can listen to it and appreciate it.” 

Laura added: “I feel Daffydd was a bit of an idol and I have so many memories of him performing every Christmas.

“His voice was so amazing and it’s sad that only a few people could have listened to him until recently. Now everyone can.”