Right at Home GF and Farnham Assist are seeking kind, friendly people to volunteer for a new befriending service.

The initiative aims to place volunteers with people who have indicated they are feeling lonely or isolated and would like regular companionship.

Kate Shanks is a volunteer and visits June for an hour every week. Kate says: “Like many, I lead a full-on busy life, but I think giving back is really important and is something we should all think about doing.

“Visiting June is energising and brings me so much joy. She has amazing stories to share and wisdom which has come from a lifetime of learning and experience. June keeps her hands and her mind busy, and she looks forward to her lovely phone calls with friends. Seeing the pleasure she gets from these calls has reminded me how I have got out of the habit of picking up the phone and enjoying conversations with my friends – it’s something I need to reintroduce into my life.

“The other thing that has been highlighted by our meet ups is how older people just don’t have the voice that younger generations have via social media. June’s generation has so much to offer, and the richness of our conversations is something I have really come to enjoy. I highly recommend putting yourself forward to volunteer.”

Other than enjoying talking with people, volunteers do not need any particular skills. Right at Home will carry out DBS checks for all volunteers and there will be a short induction.

If you are interested in being a volunteer, visit Right at Home GF’s website or call 01252 414868.