I have pursued a varied career in IT. Computers demand that we set emotions aside in favour of evidence and logic, writes Jim Makin of Hampshire Independents.

To design human interfaces and troubleshoot problems, we must also account for human factors.

(I repeat myself, but not everybody has read my ramblings to date).

To understand what goes on today, we must respect evidence and logic, analyse actions, and assess motivations (why would he have done that?).

Where dishonesty becomes apparent, maybe dishonesty is inherent to that actor’s activities.

When identical motivations appear to synchronise seemingly independent actors globally, one must look for underlying connections.

Most people are honest. To maintain a web of lies takes much work and ultimately ends in failure. Fibbing only puts off the inevitable.

The Hancock WhatsApps are a case in point. One cannot read very far along without finding the primary motivation was to ensure compliance through fear, whereas it should have been to maximise protection while minimising cost and disruption.

Where were the required risk assessments?

If you are the top man (as the health secretary was), before pressing the panic button you need to satisfy yourself on the basics (“due diligence”):

  1. Was the threat all it was cracked up to be? In hindsight, it was no worse than a bad flu year.
  2. Were the proposed measures tried and tested? They deliberately threw all prepared pandemic response plans, along with statistical good practice, out of the window.
  3. Was the advice coming from reputable reliable sources? Prof Ferguson’s past record on predicting the fall-out of Mad Cow Disease wasn’t a model of accuracy.

There should have been enough warning signs here to indicate a cautious, incremental approach. But what we got (after a slow start) was a hysterical unscientific over-reaction.

The UK wasn’t alone – much of the world (Sweden excepted) acted as one, despite the truth (obvious to those who looked) that it was all over in the UK by July 2020 (when Boris, incredibly, demanded face-masks!)

It also became apparent that Big Pharma had unproven novel vaccines to push, and we were going to get them (courtesy of our caring government).

It was incredible, insupportable, criminal, and entirely contrary to the Nuremberg Code, to roll these unproven products out across the world under any pretext.

Big pharma, regulators, politicians, the “unbiased” media who “fearlessly” hammered the official line, and the WHO, were either criminally negligent or were in criminal collusion.

Former policeman Mark Sexton submitted copious evidence of wrongdoing to Hammersmith Police (crime number 6029679/21) in December 2021, but has been ignored.

Others followed suit around the country.

Inexplicably, you may not have seen that in the media yet, but you have now. The seriousness of these charges demand their day in court.

It is justice in the UK that is on trial here. Justice must be done and be seen to be done, one way or the other. The alternative is not attractive.