Readers have given a mixed reaction to Petersfield county councillor Russell Oppenheimer’s plans to turn Petersfield into a top tourist destination.

In a column for last week’s Petersfield Post and Herald, Cllr Oppenheimer stated his believe that Petersfield could be transformed into a “truly world-class market town with just three affordable infrastructure projects”.

These were: to enhance the Station Forecourt, complete the Rother Valley Way and pedestrianise the Square.

Below are two letters printed in this week’s papers responding to the proposals, adding to the many comments responding to the article on Facebook.

What nonsense

So Russell Oppenheimer (Conservative county councillor for Petersfield Hangars) is of the opinion that Petersfield Station forecourt “let’s us down” and wishes to re-locate the taxi rank and build a paved square on the forecourt with new seating.

What nonsense, the taxi rank provides a good service to both visitors and local residents. I would suggest Mr Oppenheimer concentrates his efforts on getting the dangerous paving slabs and potholes sorted throughout the town before embarking on another vanity project, which will do nothing to ensure the town is a safer place to visit . 

Maurice Hickman 

Bell Hill, Petersfield

A quick U-turn

Mr Oppenheimer (letters, February 29) has some great ideas that might make Petersfield more tourist friendly. I am wholeheartedly with him.

So, imagine I am a tourist, say just off the ferry from France. I drive out of the ferry port at Portsmouth and head north. Amazed, I see miles and miles of rubbish along the A3 M

It continues and I leave the A3 at Petersfield. The slip road is littered with empty cans and other rubbish. I drive into Petersfield and I am so disappointed to find litter, rubbish, unkempt grass verges and unswept kerbsides with grit and grime in many places. 

Totally put off by these uncivilised scenes, I drive straight back to Portsmouth for the first ferry out of England. 

So, Mr Oppenheimer, your ideas are great, but we have to have clean and tidy roadsides and towns that portray a civic pride by the people. 

Who is to blame for the awful mess along the A3 M and Petersfield? The litter louts of course but the rubbish won’t clear itself up. The local authorities are to blame along with the Highways Agencies for not clearing the rubbish away. They are paid from our taxes to keep public areas in good order. Well, they are not doing a very good job. 

The East Hampshire District Council has some sort of deal with a company called Norse. I ask here, what is the deal with Norse or Norse South East with regard to the cleaning, weeding, and general housekeeping of Petersfield? 

How much is Norse being paid and to do what? When the Norse deal comes up for renewal, will it be fully scrutinised and drawn up in favour of the taxpayers and not a blank cheque for private enterprise who don’t seem to give a damn about our town.

Local authorities! Don’t be taking the public for a ride.

Glenn McLernon

Winton Road, Petersfield