It is our parents that we trust enough to be the holder of our spare house keys, according to a survey carried out by David Wilson Homes, which

is building homes across Hampshire.

Questioning 2,000 people from across the region, the fi ve star housebuilder was keen to understand who would be entrusted with a key to our homes,

and in effect, could gain access to our homes if needed.

“We know that we are not just creating houses at these developments, but homes as well, and we understand why our closest relatives are those that we

trust with this important possession,” said sales director Michele Storer.

“A spare key is no small thing – it is a key to our home and our lives, so of course

our loved ones would be the fi rst people we’d wish to hand these over to.”

Out of the 2,000 people asked, 31.2 per cent said that their parents had a key to their house, with only 16 per cent saying they’d give a key to a friend and 15 per

cent saying they’d give this honour to a neighbour.

Children are also trusted with the spare key but interestingly 32 per cent said that no one has a spare key to their home with women most likely to ensure someone has

a spare key.

“We have many new residents moving into our developments and we know how important their new homes are. We try to make the move as easy and as hassle free as possible and ensure that all our buyers are happy with the result,” added Michele.

David Wilson Homes is creating new homes in Hampshire including at Mill Springs in Whitchurch, Heritage Quarter in Bordon and Causeway Park in Petersfield.

For more information about David Wilson Homes, visit or call 0330 057 2222.