A COUNCILLOR has made a breakthrough in the battle to smooth things over on a Bordon estate.

Roadworks aren’t usually welcomed – especially locally given the recent woes of Lindford and Washford Lane residents – but Cllr Adeel Shah has a hole load of good news for the people of St Lucia Park.

Readers may remember the district councillor persuaded the Ministry of Defence to patch-up some crumbling roads around the estate last summer.

Now he’s lobbied the MOD to make “comprehensive repairs” of the entire stretch of the road bordering St Lucia Park.

Cllr Shah made pothole repairs one of his top priorities during his election canvassing last year, as many residents he spoke to had gripes about the state of the area’s roads.

Their attempts to force the MOD or Hampshire County Council, which usually fixes potholes, to fix the estate’s roads fell on deaf ears with no-one seemingly taking responsibility for their upkeep.

Cllr Shah said: “This was a major source of frustration, as it meant that no entity was taking responsibility for its maintenance.

“Thankfully, after a year of persistent efforts to address the deteriorating condition of the road bordering St Lucia Park, which is rampant with numerous potholes, a break-through has finally been achieved.”

Work is expected to begin next Monday, February 26, and will include a full resurfacing, rectification of speed humps and repairs to malfunctioning street lights. The work is expected to take a week.