Another mystery photograph from David Thomas’ family collection this week – and this time I don’t think it’s sport related. It could well be a group visit to a factory or a staff group from those works.

However, I suspect the former because many are holding hats which I don’t think would be the case if the staff had just stepped outside to be recorded.

The building behind is quite distinctive so hopefully somebody will recognise it, even if it isn’t particularly local.

If you know it, or any of the faces in the group, please get in touch so we can share the information here.

“As my cousin works through the collection,” continues David, “I will probably send you some more photos for you to consider. Even if you don’t publish them, I remember you told me a while ago you will try to make sure they are preserved, which suits us!

“You may already have some of them because when he was alive, my cousin thinks her father sent the Farnham Herald some photos of Crosby’s.”

Keep sending them, David – I am sure most will appear in Peeps, even if they already went in years ago, and it’s important to save these records of our community’s shared history for future generations.