‘You have been kind enough to feature one of my uncles, Sidney Barker, in a couple of photos of Bentley cricket team. The replies have been interesting and even resulted in Sidney’s daughter and I meeting for lunch with one of your readers,” writes David Thomas.

“Another of my cousins has recently been reunited with a box of family photos which she is working through. One photo is another cricket team line-up which shows her father (and Sidney’s step-brother, and another of my uncles) John Barker. He is back row, left-most, wearing what appears to be umpire’s whites.

“John was born in 1924 and we think this photo may have been taken circa 1940 before he began military service in 1941.

“We don’t know the location or the cricket team but it would likely have been a team local to Farnham/Crondall/Bentley.”

I’m featuring the photograph in Peeps in the hope readers will be able to recognise others in the group and thus identify the team and the location.

If you can, please drop me a line so I can share the information with David and use it in an update here in a future edition.