People asked to let rangers look after creatures in Hogmoor Inclosure

Sunday 14th August 2022 4:00 pm
A dried up pond at Hogmoor Inclosure in Bordon, August 2022.
Prolonged hot dry weather has ensured there is currently no water danger to children visiting Hogmoor Inclosure (Alison McFadden )

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The public have been asked to leave creatures in Hogmoor Inclosure to the experts as hot sunny weather continues to dry up its ponds.

Resident Alison McFadden said: “All of the puddles and ponds are all but dry at the moment, meaning there is little or no water to support the varied wildlife in the inclosure.

“A current further problem is that a pond created when the playground was built, and which has fish in it, has become a shallow puddle.

“Fish have already died and those that are left are close to the surface of the water and, with the coming week of hot weather forecast, unless action is taken to save them they are highly likely to die.

“Members of the community are willing to rescue the fish in buckets and relocate them.”

Jamie Cummins, the Deadwater Valley Trust’s senior countryside ranger, said: “Unfortunately the extremely dry weather has really made this problem worse, plus the fish have been illegally introduced to the detriment of the established fauna.

“Moving anything from pond to pond is always a risky business, especially from a wildlife perspective.

“I know a lot of people are extremely worried and upset about the situation and we don’t take these decisions lightly, but want to deter people from spreading any potential diseases.

“We therefore are asking people not to intervene and the rangers will deal with the matter accordingly.”


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