Several residents from around the Petersfield area joined hundreds of others including Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rebellion and a number of local environmental groups at a protest against the expansion of Farnborough Airport on Saturday. 

The march started in the town centre and went to the Farnborough private jet terminal. 

Various speakers, a rapper and poets talked about how unnecessary this airport expansion is, especially as we are in a climate emergency.

On the march Greta Thurnberg said: “It’s clear that private jets are incompatible with ensuring present and future living conditions on this planet.

“We’re not going to let the rich few who are responsible for the majority of aviation emissions get away with sacrificing people and the planet.”

A private jet is the most polluting form of transport, up to 20 times more polluting than commercial flights (per passenger).

Currently 40 per cent of flights to and from the airport are empty, according to research by campaign group Possible.

Despite claiming the majority of flights are for business use, research showed that most Farnborough flights are headed to holiday destinations. 

Last September a ‘pets on jets’ service launched to fly dogs and their owners from Dubai to Farnborough and back.

Liss resident, Alison Glasspool, said: “We already have private small planes and helicopters regularly flying over our homes.

“This proposal to expand flights will cause more disturbances in our skies, for which the pandemic provided us with a welcome reprieve from both aircraft noise and contrails.

“Increasing private flights will only cause further environmental damage and noise disturbance.”

The airport’s planning application has been met with widespread opposition, with more than 2,700 comments received, the vast majority of which are opposed to the plans. 

Rushmoor Borough Council is set to consider the application in March.