A group which injected £45,000 into Petersfield’s health services in 2023 needs a helping hand of its own in its platinum anniversary year.

The Friends of Petersfield Hospital are in urgent need of new members as they push into their 70th year of fundraising.

The voluntary group was formed in 1954 as a registered charity and today consists of a small committee and members, who pay a small subscription.

Their aim is to provide vital equipment and additional support to Petersfield Hospital patients and outpatients through aids that are outside the scope of the NHS.

They are also responsible for the maintenance of two courtyard gardens and a front garden that provides hospital patients and visitors with a calm and quiet space.

Their funding is heavily dependent on donations, street collection subscriptions and fundraising, with £45,000 being handed over last year to the hospital and two local surgeries for medical equipment and items to increase the comfort of patients.

Other requests are currently being considered, but it’s vital the group gets new blood to continue its remarkable seven decades of fundraising and support.

A spokesperson for The Friends of Petersfield Hospital said: “We are in urgent need of new members to help us play an increasingly important part in the area.

“The Friends provide a way for the community to look after this important facility.

“If you feel that you would like to help, then please visit our website at www.friendsofpetersfieldhospital.com or contact John Granger on 01730 263817.