AN ENVIRONMENTALIST has pulled the plug on her town council role so she can devote more energy to district matters.

Louise Bevan said “personal circumstances” were key in her decision to resign from Petersfield Town Council.

The Liberal Democrat pulled off a major shock at the last East Hampshire District Council election when she ousted veteran Tory councillor Julie Butler by the thinnest of margins.

She wants to repay voters by concentrating on her role and pushing the council’s green action plan.

Cllr Bevan said: “I gave it some very serious consideration and concluded it’s not possible for me to be effective at both roles.

“I didn’t expect to be elected to EHDC but having achieved it I want to keep serving the people that voted for me.

“I now know my bandwidth when it comes to local services. I learned a great deal at the town council, though, and it’s a big job.”

Cllr Bevan joined PTC with a desire to make it more effective, open and transparent and definitely raised eyebrows with some “very direct questions”.

But she’s full of admiration for its councillors and the work they are doing.

She added: “I’ve learned a huge amount. The people on the town council give a lot of time and energy and it’s a big responsibility that requires time and judgement.

“I’ve got a lot of respect for my fellow town councillors.”

The Petersfield Causeway councillor, who was elected on to PTC uncontested, handed in her resignation letter last Friday with the mayor accepting her decision.

“Cllr Bevan was an extremely valuable member of the town council and we’re sorry she had a change of personal circumstance,” said councillor JC Cressey.

“She has our best wishes and we look forward to working together in her role as a district councillor.”

Louise’s departure means there is now a casual vacancy for a councillor on PTC. Anyone interested should call 01730 264182 or visit