THE TELEPHONE box in Frensham otherwise known as the Red Cube Gallery is hosting a residency installed by local artist Jill Sim until mid-December.

Jill’s exhibition is called Do We Have To Say Goodbye and illustrates the disappearance of many species is not inevitable - it can be prevented with some more thoughtful behaviour by the humans who surround them.

She explained the venue was chosen to further highlight the problem and encourage some rapid changes in thinking.

Jill said: "The telephone box has been lined with parcel paper, and filled with pen and ink drawings and sketches of familiar species - birds, insects, butterflies, plants and even spiders - that are in rapid decline.

"A telephone box, that in itself is in decline and decommissioned, emphasises the urgency of the situation."

Jill added a poem on the noticeboard as part of the exhibition with the intention of giving the species a voice.

She said: "I really believe we can all do so much to help them.

"Thrushes eat snails and slugs - let’s stop putting down harmful slug pellets that poison the birds. Remove spiders rather than kill them in our houses. Mow our lawns less often.

"Stop putting poisonous weed killer on our paths. Start growing wild flowers and encourage pollinators. Build a pond.

"There is very little time left to save them and we will be so sad and impoverished if they go. I really believe this is our last chance to save them."