As the great founding father of our NHS said: “The language of priorities is the religion of socialism,” so as a Labour party member it is of utmost importance for us to select a high quality candidate as a potential Member of Parliament for Farnham and Bordon.

The constituency Labour Party have carefully begun this process of selection.

Like most people, I have many pressing priorities, particularly the safety, well-being and prosperity of my family. Yet, as I scan today’s news headlines, I get no comfort. 

There is the Conservative Home Secretary actively undermining our over-stretched police force and, to add insult to injury, stoking up divisions within our country at the same time. 

Next is the news that official figures show NHS waiting times are the highest since records began. In spite of Rishi Sunak’s promises to the contrary, growing numbers of people in our community are now waiting years for scans, checks and operations.  

Then there’s the Office of National Statistics report confirming that the UK economy is now stagnant, with zero growth in the latest quarter. It underlines the International Monetary Fund warning that the UK is set for the slowest growth of the G7 richest economies next year. 

It’s wrong to assume that because we live in one of the leafier parts of the country we are immune to these problems. Try a trip to Frimley Park Hospital, where the traffic jam to enter the car park is becoming legendary.

And, if evidence is needed of our crumbling and badly managed utilities, just speak to the residents of Guildford and Godalming who went without water for days thanks to Thames Water’s inept handling of the recent rainy season. A period, incidentally, which saw tons of raw sewage being pumped into the River Wey. 

These are the priorities that concern most people, so it’s little wonder that voters are turning their backs on this incompetent government.  

Our recent victory in Mid-Bedfordshire – the first in the seat since its creation in 1918 – shows a massive swing to Labour is under way, and people are clearly voting for the party they want in power at the next general election.

They are responding positively to Labour’s plan to rebuild Britain, and with a strong team here and new boundaries, Farnham and Bordon, can make headlines for all the right reasons.  

Shirley Lewis

Vice chair, Farnham and Bordon Constituency Labour Party