Change is overdue. People deserve better.

Dominic Martin will find out soon enough whether the people of East Hampshire agree with that sentiment with the election campaign entering its final furlong.

In a final message to Post & Herald readers ahead of the vote, The Liberal Democrat feels the election betting scandal is another example of why change is needed.

“People across the political spectrum have been telling me for months that they are fed up with chaos, sleaze and an out-of-touch Government,” said Mr Martin.

‘Just days before the vote, headlines are full of allegations Conservative insiders placed illegal bets on the General Election date. Michael Gove is right: it is like Partygate - voters simply cannot understand such repeated abuse of privilege. 

“I was for several years a Trustee of the anti-corruption charity Transparency International. Few countries eliminate corruption, but the UK has traditionally rated quite well in the organisation’s ‘Perceptions of Corruption’ index. 

“For the past six years though, we have been slipping down the rankings.

“Voters in East Hampshire can take some comfort in having a Conservative MP not mired in personal scandal, and Damian Hinds is probably as appalled as I am by the sleazy opportunism of Tory insiders betting on the election date. 

“I do not question his personal integrity. But any minister who went along with the whims of successive Prime Ministers without speaking out against misdeed and misjudgement cannot wholly escape responsibility for Government failures.”

He continued: “We need to move beyond the chaos and work together to sort out the NHS, protect our environment, tackle climate change, provide affordable, sustainable housing in the right places with the right infrastructure, strengthen our armed forces, rebuild international relationships and restore sanity on immigration.

“The General Election offers the chance of a new beginning. I hope to be part of it.”