Political divisions have split a village near Bordon as residents will have two different MPs when the election is over.

Oakhanger will have a split vote as the village has been divided by parliamentary boundary changes.

The majority of voters are in the East Hampshire constituency but some in the Selborne Oakhanger ward will put a cross down for a Farnham & Bordon candidate.

They will also have to cast votes in different polling stations depending on their postcode with Blackmoor village hall welcoming voters from both constituencies.

There are 104 polling station across East Hampshire, ranging from town centre venues like Alton Community Centre and Festival Hall to tiny village halls.

Wield village hall is a strong candidate for the most remote location while voters in Farringdon and East Worldham have a perfect excuse to visit the pub as stations will be set up at the Royal Oak and Three Horseshoes, respectively.