The Liberal Democrat parliamentary hopeful for East Hampshire believes investment in health and social care needs to be a top priority for any incoming government.

Dominic Martin feels the general election is the chance to give the nation the healthcare it needs as he’s found the NHS to be a big talking point on the campaign trail.

Concerns about waiting lists, GP provision and the strain NHS services are facing have been common with more than 9,000 new homes – and thus more patients – set to be built in the non-national park section of East Hampshire before 2040.

“Under the Conservatives, the NHS is in permanent crisis,” said Mr Martin, adding: “There are over 100,000 staff vacancies in England alone, waiting lists for cancer appointments are far too long and A&E services are under severe strain.

“Many have experienced agonising waits for emergency care, and we feel the crisis every time we try to book a GP appointment or visit a hospital.

“Those with elderly residents or with disabilities need no reminding of the failures of the current system. Promises by successive Conservative ministers to produce a plan for social care have been broken.”

The NHS was a big talking point this morning when The Liberal Democrats launched their manifesto with a £9billion pledge to fix the health and care system.

Their proposals, funded in part by reforming capital gains tax, include extended access to free dental care, treatment within 62 days of referral for cancer patients and a pledge to allow patients to see a GP within seven days. Further pledges include a “proper” Carer’s Allowance, more clinician training and an end to the crisis in our ambulance service.

Voters can quiz Mr Martin and the other Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for East Hampshire this Tuesday (June 11) in Petersfield as the Post has teamed up with Shine Radio and Rev Will Hughes to hold an ‘Election Questions’ hustings in St Peter’s. 

Questions for the 7pm event can be submitted through