Woolmer Forest Heritage Society held a Platinum Jubilee treasure hunt on June 2 and 3.

Several people followed the clues – all placed in nest boxes – to find the final question.

Many treasure hunters quickly worked out that a name derived from letters on the boxes was Longmoor Camp, but the final question asked for the date of the Queen’s visit to Longmoor.

It was March 23, 1990, the date of Princess Eugenie’s birth. The Queen was presented with a teddy bear for her new granddaughter by General Sir Peter Inge, Colonel Commandant of the Royal Military Police.

The first hunter to call in with the correct date was Paul Kennedy, who won a treasure chest containing £100 in £1 coins. Three hours later Andrea Upfold claimed second prize, a smaller treasure chest with £50 in £1 coins.

These prizes were presented on stage at the Jubilee music festival by Whitehill town mayor Cllr Leeroy Scott.