RUMOURS are circulating around Petersfield about an inventor and a tale of fraud, identity theft and a massive inheritance.

The truth will be revealed in Mid-April when the Winton Players take to the Festival Hall stage with their spring production.

The much-loved am-drammers have begun rehearsals for Tons of Money, a story which revolves around an unsuccessful inventor who gets his massive inheritance after he dies.

The Alan Ayckbourn-adapted farce by Will Evans and Arthur Valentine has parallels with the tale of missing canoeist John Darwin but is set in a grander location than a small seaside town near Hartlepool.

The supporting cast includes all the usual culprits from a gruff gardener and dodgy butler to a dotty aunt and a supersleuth solicitor.

The show will run from April 18 to 20 with tickets now available from,, One Tree Books (01730 261199) or the Town Visitor Centre.