One face was missing in the crowds when the new King made his journey through the streets of central London on Saturday.

David Weeks had mixed feelings watching the coronation as Petersfield’s most foremost royalist couldn’t travel to the capital.

“Mr Petersfield” has been forced to curtail his travelling and public appearances since suffering a health scare and fracturing his pelvis last July.

But the 82-year-old couldn’t resist bringing his legendary shiny suit out of the wardrobe one last time for a right royal get-together.

And the crowds around The Avenue showed their appreciation with around 200 well-wishers giving their thanks and regards to the showman during the town’s coronation party on Sunday.

He said: “Normally I would have been the first one on the train to London because I enjoy the atmosphere you get at royal events.

“I’m very disappointed I couldn’t go this time because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing and 100 per cent I would have been there.

“I’ve not been able to do much recently and I’m not doing anything for the town these days because I’m retired from doing events.

“But I decided to make this my last appearance because I would have been in London and wanted to dress up for the occasion.”

Mr Weeks – who owns seven glamorous suits  – surprised many by appearing alongside town crier Faye Thompson in Rams Walk on Saturday for the royal proclamation.

And while he can’t rule out donning the outfit for one last time, don’t bet on it.

He said: “I’m not blowing my own trumpet but when I was at The Avenue I must have had about 200 people come up to me. The atmosphere was really nice and I think people do appreciate it. If something comes up that’s really special in the future then I might wear the suit again but it’s got to be really special.”