EGGAR’S School in Alton is celebrating a set of rewarding GCSE results despite the challenges raised by tougher standards and the impact of the new rating system.

A statement from the school read: “Since the introduction last year of the new assessment regime for English and maths, the foundation subjects have been included this year being assessed using the one-to-nine scale at GCSE. However, based on the advice from the Department for Education of level four being a pass in English and maths and level five being a strong pass, we have some excellent results, with 81per cent of students achieving a level four and above.

“Mathematics achieved 84 per cent level four plus and English achieved 86 per cent level four plus. Science results were also pleasing, with 78 per cent achieving a level four or above in two science qualifications or more and 63 per cent level five or above.”

Headteacher Patrick Sullivan said: “I am delighted for the students and these results are a reflection of the commitment of both staff and students.

“The Year 11 students worked very hard and this is a reward for their ambition and commitment. Results in English, mathematics and science were strong, as were results in the foundation subjects.”

Among the school’s highest performers, who achieved top grades, were Beth Scott (6x9s, 2x8s, 2x7s), Ben Roper (4x9s, 1x8, 3x7s), Gavin Heffernan (2x9s, 8x8s), Chloe Toft (2x9s, 6x7s), Toby Morris (2x9s, 4x8s, 4x7s), Rachel Hannan (1x9, 3x8s, 4x7s), Harriet Phipps (5x8s, 5x7s), Charlotte Adderson (5x8s, 3x7s, 1x6, 1x5), and Emily Adderson (1xA*, 2xA, 5x7s, 3x6s).

Mr Sullivan said: “Staff have worked unbelievably hard and their tremendous commitment has made the difference for so many of our students.

“We are delighted that yet another group of talented students leave Eggar’s with bright careers ahead.”


IN an era of tough new GCSE exams, Alton (Convent) School pupils and staff shared a well-deserved celebration of success.

As the Year 11 pupils gathered in the school foyer to open their envelopes last Thursday, nervous faces turned to smiles while a sense of pride permeated the whole school community.

A statement from the school read: “More than 75 per cent of pupils were awarded GCSE grades 9-5, which is a testament to the school’s motto ‘be the best that you can be’.

“There was a 100 per cent pass rate in eight subjects and 42 per cent of pupils achieved GCSE grades 9-7, more than double the national average (nine being the new top A* grade that is only sparingly awarded).

“In religious studies GCSE, which pupils take a year early, there was a 100 per cent pass rate, with 73 per cent of grades being awarded at 9-6.”

Of particular note were pupils Amelia Blackwell, Sarah Kirrane, Grace Moritz and Tovanna Ward, who achieved 10 GCSEs at grades 9 and 8.


ALTON’S Amery Hill School is celebrating its year-on-year success with another round of excellent GCSE results for its 2018 cohort.

A statement from the school expressed delight at the results. It read: “Many students have excelled themselves and achieved beyond expectation, proving that Amery Hill strives for the best in every student.

“The whole Amery community is delighted and exceptionally proud of all of our students, with particular mention of Eleanor Austin, Marcie Crawford, Oliver Isaac, Sam Seymour, Lauren Swain and Ben Williams, all of whom achieved eight or more level eights and nines, placing them within the top three per cent of the best achievers nationally.”

It was a great welcome for new headteacher Stephen Martin, who said: “I am absolutely delighted that Amery Hill has yet again achieved another excellent set of GCSE results.

“Even though this year saw the first set of new, more rigorous and demanding GCSE exams for many subjects, the results show that the level of commitment and hard work shown by students and their teachers has culminated in them all having more choices and opportunities as they move into post-16 education.”

And he added: “As the new headteacher of Amery Hill School, I am greatly looking forward to maintaining and building upon the outstanding ethos that permeates throughout the school and ensuring, with all the staff, that each student receives the highest quality of education.

“Along with all the staff and governors, I would like to congratulate all our students and look forward to hearing about their many successes in the future.”


LORD Wandsworth College pupils have been celebrating some excellent GCSE exam results this week.

They follow hard on the heels of some exceptional A-Level results a week earlier.

This week, the results showed that nearly 80 per cent of all grades at 9-5, 40 per cent of grades at 9-7 and a 93 per cent pass rate, matching the record-breaking feats of the previous year.

A statement from the school revealed: “With an iconic and transformational new science centre ready by 2020, the STEM subjects continue to flourish at Lord Wandsworth College, with 90 per cent of all grades achieved at 9-5 across the sciences.

“Maths, art, Latin and music also shone this summer, nearing a 100 per cent score. Lord Wandsworth College pupils enjoyed and thrived on the rigour these subjects offered.”

The statement went on: “With the national press claiming that that nines would be elusive, huge congratulations, in particular, go to Ben (seven grade 9s), Ella (six grade 9s) and Lizzie (five grade 9s).

They also achieved a perfect set of A* and A equivalents along with 14 other pupils whose scores in old money were straight A* and As.

“Although a school which is passionate about the all-round nature of education and the individual, Lord Wandsworth College continues to invest heavily in the quality of teaching and learning, staff professional development and teaching facilities, currently visible at every turn on this beautiful 1,200-acre campus.”

Headteacher Adam Williams said: “It is a privilege to see our pupils continue to fulfil their potential across the wide range of subjects, yet maintain their passions for music, sport, drama and the broader co-curriculum, including leadership and the pupil voice.

“We believe in this holistic education to such an extent that as a school we have withdrawn from league tables. Exams are but a part of an education with one’s success in later life ultimately being determined by your character and your actions.

“Our pupils remain committed to reaching out in the community to make a positive difference to others too, which is truly inspirational.

“Our mission is to transform the teaching and learning landscape at Lord Wandsworth College and produce inwardly self-confident but outwardly modest and self-deprecating individuals who are ready to go and make a positive difference in the world.”