THE 3rd Alton Scouts teamed up with Alton Squash Academy for an introduction to the game at Alton Sports Centre.

Under the expert guidance of Joe Walters, a qualified England squash coach, and fellow academy member and Scout leader Matt Collins, 25 Scouts were taught some of the basic skills, techniques and rules of the game.

It was the first time in recent years that the Scouts had tried this activity and it was an interesting change from some of their more traditional physical activities. While a wide variety of games can be played at the Scout headquarters on Chawton Park Road, squash is not one of them.

For many of the Scouts the evening was a new experience and Mr Walters identified several as “naturals”.

In the longer term, this could lead to committed Scouts earning their physical recreation badge. For this they have to participate regularly, develop their skills, explain the rules, demonstrate preparation for playing and care for equipment. This is one of more than 80 badges available to Scouts covering a broad range of skills, interests, community and personal development areas.