JANUARY and February are dark and challenging months and spring can’t come too quickly for most people.

Chilly weather and long nights can take their toll on mental health, but local artist and teacher Diana Burch is working with people of all ages to help them use their creativity to lift their mood and inspire some positive feelings.

Diana’s sculpture Fragmental shines out from the Red Cube Gallery in Frensham, which is a converted traditional red telephone box.

The piece reflects on mood and memory, demonstrating how it can change in different circumstances of light and interaction with people, like their own well-being.

Fragmental is constructed from multiple layers of mirrored plastic foil, buckled and distorted by a naked flame drawn intricately over its surface. It bounces back colour and light, containing fragments of the view but altering how it is perceived.

Diana said: “I enjoy the meditative process of working with materials that respond to the stresses of heat. Working with plastics also incorporates my feelings of anxiety about pollution in our environment. I draw attention to this urgent issue by turning single use materials into structures with a long life. They are good conversation starters!

“The Red Cube is a wonderful project, bringing contemporary art and important subject matters into the heart of the village. I am looking forward to seeing children from next-door St Mary’s Infant School spotting parts of their own image within the work. At night I wanted Fragmental to look a bit like a UFO suspended in the phone box, communicating its own light in the darkness.”

Diana’s exhibition The Spirit of Place will be at Haslemere Museum from March 28 to April 23. Find out more at www.dianaburch.co.uk