Farnham Maltings’ touring programme House has three theatre productions hitting the road this autumn.

Page One Theatre is presenting Rise and Fall, a show for children aged two and above, at Farnham Maltings on November 6, and at The Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre in Bordon on November 19.

A spokesperson said: “Come and explore an ecosystem of balloons: universes in miniature.

“In Rise and Fall you’ll meet all manner of balloons from small floating moons to vast bouncing orbs. Forever expanding and contracting, balloons are free to float, fly and sway. Hold your breath and go sailing away.”

Boff Whalley – a founder member of Chumbawumba – Daniel Bye and ARC Stockton have created These Hills Are Ours.

It will be at Farnham Maltings on September 23, Bedales Arts in Petersfield on September 30 and The Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre in Bordon on October 2.

Dan and Boff ran a series of routes from the centre of the city in which they found themselves to the top of the peak overlooking that city.

These Hills Are Ours is the story of what they found out on those journeys. It’s about escaping it all by running to wild places – escaping the city, escaping the past, escaping the restrictions of upbringing or class or politics. It’s a celebration of wild places and the freedom to roam them.

The third production, I, AmDram by Hannah Maxwell, is an award-winning unique piece of storytelling celebrating local amateur dramatics groups and their impact on one woman’s journey of identity and belonging. It will be at Farnham Maltings on November 3.

Gavin Stride, director of the Maltings, which delivers the House initiative, said: “We have challenged venues to find new audiences, who would find these shows speak to them and their interests like no production they might have seen before.

“The shows offer fantastic opportunities for venues to reach out to local running clubs and amateur dramatic groups and also new families looking to introduce their children to the wonder of live performance.”