Two young women from Alton are going to jump out of a plane to raise £5,000 for a good cause.

Best friends Imogen Sillitoe, 21, and Juliet Lawrence, 20, will do a skydive from 15,000ft in aid of the Maddy’s Mark charity on May 18.

Imogen said: “We will be honouring the memory of Juliet’s sister Maddy, who tragically passed away at the age of 20 due to sepsis.”

Maddy’s Mark was established by her parents to remember Maddy Lawrence and raise funds in her name to promote positive mental health and well-being in young women through the sport of rugby, which Maddy played.

Asked why they had chosen such a daring form of fundraising event, Imogen said: “Juliet and I share an unexpected fear of heights!  “It began when I suggested to Juliet that we do something adventurous for Maddy, like skydiving. Surprisingly, Juliet had the same idea, so we ended up planning a tandem skydive together.  “Despite our fear, we opted for the highest drop at 15,000ft. Our determination to honour Maddy is pushing us beyond our fears.”

Imogen added: “Both of us attended Alton School and this event is a tribute not only to our friendship but also to Maddy’s remarkable spirit.

“This cause is close to many hearts in our community, emphasising the importance of mental well-being among young women.

Maddy Lawrence.
Maddy Lawrence (Maddy Lawrence)

“This event promises not only to remember a beloved local figure but also to make a significant impact on the lives of many.”