A MAN who lives near the Sturt Farm development has raised concerns over flooding near the site.

The problem reared its head again after heavy rain fell on Saturday, October 2.

Chris Barrett said: "As a resident of the area I have regularly seen high water levels and flooding.

"I live across the road from the Sturt Farm development, where they are currently building a water run off pipe.

"Sturt Avenue and Orchard Close, which is near the River Wey, have both suffered from flooding."

In response, a spokesperson from Stonewater, the Sturt Farm development site owner, said work has been carried out to reduce the risk of flooding by the site, with further work already planned.

The spokesperson said: "Following adverse weather warnings on October 2, our contractor worked overnight to put in place additional measures to alleviate the impact of expected standing water.

"We understand that there was flooding to some of the development’s neighbouring gardens, but fortunately no water entered any of the existing homes.

"To mitigate the risk of any further flooding, our contractor is set to bring works forward that should provide a longer-term solution and protect homes.

"We apologise for the inconvenience caused and will continue working with residents to resolve any concerns."