Surrey Police took part in an education day at Frensham Common, along with Waverley Borough Council, the Green Lane Association, the Trail Riders Federation and Surrey County Council Rights of Way, on July 23.

The police had received several reports of anti-social driving of 4x4s and off-road motorbikes on the byways and wanted to talk to motorcyclists, drivers and other members of the public.

Throughout the day they deployed officers trained in off-road motorbike riding to patrol the common and its surroundings.

The aim was to get across the message that the police welcomed off-road driving and riding as long as it was responsible and safe. Officers offered guidance to those using byways open to all traffic on how to do so responsibly and explained to pedestrians on the common why certain areas could be ridden and driven on.

Most of the day was spent talking to numerous pedestrians, many of whom were unaware it was legal for motor vehicles to be used on byways across the common.

This was the first time Surrey Police had used its off-road bikes in this way and it was a chance for the public to see it had that capability.

Event organiser and Waverley borough commander Sam Adcock said: “This was a fantastic day where officers and partners worked together to engage with the community.

“We want the area to be used appropriately and to be enjoyed by everyone but sadly this is not always the case. We take rural crime and anti-social behaviour seriously and will continue to work with the local community and our partners to deal with incidents in the area.”